Getting Started

RingCentral has 3 HubSpot Integrations:

  1. Marketplace App: This is an integration that supports the pre-defined functionaly specified by the HubSpot CTI Framework. Overall, it provides a smooth integration but is limited in functionality to what the CTI Framework supports. It is calld the App Marketplace integration because it is installed via the HubSpot App Marketplace here. Get the HubSpot App Marketplace app via the RingCentral App Gallery
  2. Chrome Browser Extension: The Chrome Extension integration is a Chrome extension that provides a richer set of functionality for Chrome browser users. This extension needs to be installed in Chrome using the Extension Manager. Get the HubSpot Chrome Extension via the RingCentral App Gallery
  3. Firefox Add-on: This is similar to the Chrome Browser Extension.

The Marketplace App and Browser Extensions behave slightly differently and have different features.

A feature comparsion is available comparing the Marketplace App and Browser Extensions.